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We use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), commonly known as “drones”, to produce the most high-end aerial photography Perth has ever seen, and aerial video at up to 5.2K resolution. Our UAV operators are licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), the Australian government body responsible for air safety rules and regulations, and Pixel Pilot maintains full public liability insurance coverage.

Our experience with industry leading drone and camera technology, including the Inspire 2 drone and X5S camera, along with competitive rates and a range of package options, make Pixel Pilot the first choice for aerial services.

Real estate aerial photography, construction monitoring and event photography (e.g. wedding group photos) are just the beginning. Now an affordable option for organisations, businesses and individuals in Perth, Pixel Pilot has worked extensively with advertising agencies and local businesses to produce visually stunning, high converting digital advertisements, marketing publications, YouTube movies and social media content.

Pixel Pilot confidently offers a range of affordable packages to cater for those seeking basic aerial photography packages, as well as premium packages for advertisers, marketers or film makers who are seeking high end professional aerial photography and video services.

Pixel Pilot is pleased to offer highly competitive hourly rates for operator and drone hire. Our basic photography packages start at $119, moving to $159 for our premium packages at the high end, with no hidden costs. In addition we offer a range of video packages and an aerial gallery to enable purchase of our own local stock photos and videos. Regular clients can also earn points with each purchase to receive discounts when ordering online.

Our drones are capable of low light photography, including single photographs, shooting in three, five and seven frame brackets for stunning HDR imagery, and can shoot in 20 frame per second continuous bursts. Now with the stability of the Inspire 2 and large sensor of the X5S, even mid air long exposure photos are possible.

Video recording capabilities include up to 5.2K resolution at 30 frames per second, and 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Aerial video is made available in MP4 / MOV ( MPEG – 4 AVC / H.264 ) formats. Our drones can lock onto any target, follow and record in 5K, avoid obstacles and capture perfect 360° video.

We use the latest drone and camera technology from DJI. By using the best drones and cameras available, such as the Inspire 2 and X5S, Pixel Pilot is confidently taking professional aerial photography services to the next level.

Priding ourselves on airmanship and safety, we also have built in vision positioning systems in our drones which can scan the objects around them and automatically avoid collisions, greatly reducing the risk of damaging property. With dual batteries, our drones can continue to fly, even if one battery fails. In addition, we equip our drones with safety parachutes to further mitigate any risk when flying in populated areas.

Pixel Pilot bookings and payments can be finalised by selecting a photography OR video package, picking the date and 1 hour time block you require, then making a secure payment via credit card or PayPal. A valid name, email and booking address, description and contact telephone number must be given. Bookings can be cancelled and a full refund will be given if cancelled within two hours of the booking time. Pixel Pilot produces cinematic videos and bespoke photography solutions, catering to a variety of needs. Book now or request a quote.

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