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Strawberry Hill – The Oldest Farm, Western Australia

Strawberry Hill – The Oldest Farm, Western Australia

Strawberry Hill Albany by Pixel PilotPixel Pilot took to the skies to get these great shots of the oldest farm in Western Australia, and are pleased to share them here. The rich history here has seen the old farm fall in and out of care, and since 1964 the task has been in the hands of the National Trust.

Heading out of Perth’s metro area to get some great drone footage and aerial photographs is always a pleasure, as there are so many amazing places in WA that have never before been photographed by a drone. It is exciting to be apart of this relatively new industry, now made possible thanks to some very exciting new technology.

Those wishing to visit can head over to 174 Middleton Rd, Albany. We were pleased to get the chance to get a bird’s eye view of this historic land mark on a recent visit, and we would like to thank Bev Chapman for giving us permission to fly and shoot at this history property.

Aerial photo of Strawberry Hill, Albany by Pixel PilotIn addition to our commercial work, which focuses mostly on real estate marketing in Perth and event photography, we aim to explore the opportunity to bring a unique view of some of WA’s most interesting landmarks, and landscapes to those who would otherwise not get a chance to see it.

Check back in at our blog often to see where we go when we get out and about in WA.

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Commercial Drone Operator Laws Western Australia

Commercial Drone Operator Laws Western Australia

Drone Laws RelaxedA recent article (pictured) highlighted some of the coming changes to the RPA operator laws in Australia. Instead of forcing all operators to become CASA certified, at a cost of around $4000 and up, in the near future aspiring drone pilots and aerial photographers will be able to fly smaller yet capable drones, such as the Phantom from DJI without the need for a RPA operator certificate.

The relaxed new laws offer new opportunity for new entrants to the industry, while still leaving more established operators who use larger drones for things like aerial mapping and mine surveying still well placed to hold a strong position in those

Film makers who wish to work commercially will have more opportunity to get in the air and this will be a welcome change. For larger jobs, (think filming for large feature films etc.) using newer drones such as the beasty M600 form DJI is still going to require a licensed pilot.

While it may appear initially that the RPA Operator certificate is now not worth the money, that simply is not the case, as anyone who has completed the course can confirm will tell you there is a vast amount of useful information handed over that in reality, anyone flying an aircraft of any size should know.

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Edgecombe Brothers Winery Restaurant: The spirit of the Swan Valley.

Edgecombe Brothers Winery

Aerial photograph of a winery.Recently we took to the skies at the picturesque Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Restaurant in the Swan Valley. The owners where happy to have us take a drone in for an hour to capture some unique footage and images they couldn’t have gotten any other way.

The drone was perfect for low and slow video flights over the vineyards which show the spirit of the Swan Valley in detail. Rich photography and high resolution video is now available to bring new life to the Edgecombe Brothers website.

Shooting these images in HDR, and the video in 4K ultra high resolution means that there is simply a ton of visual data to use in a variety of places, such as online banners, print advertisements, the company website, YouTube and social media. Our thanks to Amer for recommending us!

Winery accomodation at Edgecombe BrothersHead on over to The Edgecombe Brothers Winery and enjoy the day, and spend the night, in one of the chalets (pictured). With amazing wine, food, service and atmosphere we had a great time taking photographs and speaking with the staff. Here is a place you just feel relaxed and happy as soon as you step foot on the property.

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Responsible Drone Use

Drone & UAV Laws Western Australia

Cops swoop on drone owner.
Unlicensed members of the public making life harder for legitimate RPA operators who use drones to provide aerial photography for a range of industries.

Sadly, this kind of thing puts drones in a bad light, and makes life harder for certified operators like Pixel Pilot.

Pixel Pilot are certified RPA operators under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and operate currently under the UOC of Interspacial Aviation Services Pty Ltd. Below we have listed the main rules that apply to commercial and non commercial drone pilots.

The biggest factor that drone operators must consider is the safety of people and property in the area on the ground. Drone pilots must also consider other aircraft in the area and depending on the type of flying, follow the following rules:

Rules for commercial RPA / drone operators:

  • Unless given permission from the owners, don’t have the drone closer than thirty meters to property.
  • Do not use the drone over heavily populated parks or sporting events during games.
  • Not to use the drone within 5.5 kms of airports or helicopter landing areas.
  • Only use the drone during the day time.
  • Do not go too high, stay below 400 feet or 120 meters.
  • Do not use the drone in first person view.

Rules for non commercial operations:

  • Use the drone in uncontrolled airspace, class G.
  • Use the drone at least thirty meters away from people in the area.
  • Do not use the drone for commercial gain.
  • Keep the drone within line of sight.
  • Keep the drone at least 5.5 kms away from aerodromes and helipads.
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Obstacle Sensing Drone Technology In DJI’s Phantom 4 Drone

Obstacle Sensing Drone Technology In DJI’s Phantom 4 Drone

Drone gets stuck in a tree while taking aerial photographs in Perth.
The Phantom 3 Pro is still an excellent work horse for estate photography but the Phantom 4 prevents this type of mishap as it senses the surrounds and will not fly into anything. It even backs off if something approaches it. Pixel Pilot keeps abreast of the latest technology and currently uses the Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Professional from DJI.

The benefit of using new drone technology such as obstacle sensors which help UAV pilots to avoid crashes into trees, is obvious to anyone thats ever, crashed their drone into a tree. There is no doubt that flying at high speed increases the likely hood a drone crash will happen, so this addition to the Phantom series of drones is very welcome. The Phantom 4 is the world’s newest and most advanced drone, and a great new tool for aerial photographers.

Mechanical Turbulence

Mechanical turbulence gets particularly bad when you crash directly into a tree. The Phantom 4 drone technology used by Pixel Pilot ensures that our drones will never crash into obstacles, as the drone will automatically avoid collisions. This saves on repair costs, and allows us to capture footage that would be otherwise impossible to capture.