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Commercial Drone Operator Laws Western Australia

Commercial Drone Operator Laws Western Australia

Drone Laws RelaxedA recent article (pictured) highlighted some of the coming changes to the RPA operator laws in Australia. Instead of forcing all operators to become CASA certified, at a cost of around $4000 and up, in the near future aspiring drone pilots and aerial photographers will be able to fly smaller yet capable drones, such as the Phantom from DJI without the need for a RPA operator certificate.

The relaxed new laws offer new opportunity for new entrants to the industry, while still leaving more established operators who use larger drones for things like aerial mapping and mine surveying still well placed to hold a strong position in those

Film makers who wish to work commercially will have more opportunity to get in the air and this will be a welcome change. For larger jobs, (think filming for large feature films etc.) using newer drones such as the beasty M600 form DJI is still going to require a licensed pilot.

While it may appear initially that the RPA Operator certificate is now not worth the money, that simply is not the case, as anyone who has completed the course can confirm will tell you there is a vast amount of useful information handed over that in reality, anyone flying an aircraft of any size should know.