Drone & UAV Laws Western Australia

Cops swoop on drone owner.
Unlicensed members of the public making life harder for legitimate RPA operators who use drones to provide aerial photography for a range of industries.

Sadly, this kind of thing puts drones in a bad light, and makes life harder for certified operators like Pixel Pilot.

Pixel Pilot are certified RPA operators under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and operate currently under the UOC of Interspacial Aviation Services Pty Ltd. Below we have listed the main rules that apply to commercial and non commercial drone pilots.

The biggest factor that drone operators must consider is the safety of people and property in the area on the ground. Drone pilots must also consider other aircraft in the area and depending on the type of flying, follow the following rules:

Rules for commercial RPA / drone operators:

  • Unless given permission from the owners, don’t have the drone closer than thirty meters to property.
  • Do not use the drone over heavily populated parks or sporting events during games.
  • Not to use the drone within 5.5 kms of airports or helicopter landing areas.
  • Only use the drone during the day time.
  • Do not go too high, stay below 400 feet or 120 meters.
  • Do not use the drone in first person view.

Rules for non commercial operations:

  • Use the drone in uncontrolled airspace, class G.
  • Use the drone at least thirty meters away from people in the area.
  • Do not use the drone for commercial gain.
  • Keep the drone within line of sight.
  • Keep the drone at least 5.5 kms away from aerodromes and helipads.