Obstacle Sensing Drone Technology In DJI’s Phantom 4 Drone

Drone gets stuck in a tree while taking aerial photographs in Perth.
The Phantom 3 Pro is still an excellent work horse for estate photography but the Phantom 4 prevents this type of mishap as it senses the surrounds and will not fly into anything. It even backs off if something approaches it. Pixel Pilot keeps abreast of the latest technology and currently uses the Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 Professional from DJI.

The benefit of using new drone technology such as obstacle sensors which help UAV pilots to avoid crashes into trees, is obvious to anyone thats ever, crashed their drone into a tree. There is no doubt that flying at high speed increases the likely hood a drone crash will happen, so this addition to the Phantom series of drones is very welcome. The Phantom 4 is the world’s newest and most advanced drone, and a great new tool for aerial photographers.

Mechanical Turbulence

Mechanical turbulence gets particularly bad when you crash directly into a tree. The Phantom 4 drone technology used by Pixel Pilot ensures that our drones will never crash into obstacles, as the drone will automatically avoid collisions. This saves on repair costs, and allows us to capture footage that would be otherwise impossible to capture.