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Edgecombe Brothers Winery Restaurant: The spirit of the Swan Valley.

Edgecombe Brothers Winery

Aerial photograph of a winery.Recently we took to the skies at the picturesque Edgecombe Brothers Winery and Restaurant in the Swan Valley. The owners where happy to have us take a drone in for an hour to capture some unique footage and images they couldn’t have gotten any other way.

The drone was perfect for low and slow video flights over the vineyards which show the spirit of the Swan Valley in detail. Rich photography and high resolution video is now available to bring new life to the Edgecombe Brothers website.

Shooting these images in HDR, and the video in 4K ultra high resolution means that there is simply a ton of visual data to use in a variety of places, such as online banners, print advertisements, the company website, YouTube and social media. Our thanks to Amer for recommending us!

Winery accomodation at Edgecombe BrothersHead on over to The Edgecombe Brothers Winery and enjoy the day, and spend the night, in one of the chalets (pictured). With amazing wine, food, service and atmosphere we had a great time taking photographs and speaking with the staff. Here is a place you just feel relaxed and happy as soon as you step foot on the property.