Drone Video Perth – Plus Package

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1x Hour Operator & Drone Hire
1x Edited Aerial Video, approx. 1-2min
1x 3D Motion tracked overlays
1x Backing audio track
3x Aerial Photos

Product Description

Bespoke aerial photography and videography digital delivery in Perth that is affordable and great value giving:

1x Hour Operator & Drone Hire
1 x Aerial Video Shot in 4K CDNG RAW, post production is included with colour grading delivered 1080p; 1min
1x 3D Motion tracked or animated overlay (lower third / titles and land mark indicators typically).
1x Backing audio track (a royalty free audio track of high quality).
3x Aerial Photos delivered as 5K resolution .jpg images complete with post production enhancements with Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop CC post production.

Photo formats

All images are provided in .JPG format and video shot in 4K and transcoded to a 1080p HEVC or.H264 final render via an emailed link unless other wise specified.